June 29, 2022
16 Items Needed For NYSC Camp 2022/2023

Are you going to the NYSC CAMP? Looking for necessities for NYSC Camp 2022/2023? NYSC Camp Requirements or Asked; What should I wear to the NYSC Orienteering Camp?

Things needed for NYSC Camp 2022/2023

If yes, then this post is for you. At the end of this post, you will learn some of the essential items that every corps member should bring to Orientation Camp 2022 along with a list of items required for NYSC Orientation Camp Nigeria.

If you have received your NYSC call-up letter and are packing to go to NYSC Camp, you will need a checklist of all NYSC Camp requirements to make registration and your life at NYSC Camp as easy as possible.

Items needed for NYSC Camp 2022/2023

Requirements and List of Required Items for the NYSC Orienteering Camp;

  1. All white clothes
  2. Certificate / License
  3. File case
  4. Passport for the last school year
  5. Health fitness certificate
  6. Original and photocopy of all related documents
  7. Other things you need every day
  8. Passport photos
  9. Plain white sneakers or sneakers
  10. Stationery
  11. Statements Of Result Or Certificates from the school you graduated from
  12. White crew neck t-shirt
  13. White shorts and socks
  14. Your call-up letter from NYSC
  15. Your student ID card or stamped identification card from your school
  16. A signed copy of your Green Card, etc.

Wish you best of Luck as proceed to the NYSC Camp.

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