June 29, 2022
How a good teacher can positively influence students in several ways

When a teacher has excellent qualities, it is very clear that such a teacher will be able to influence students in many right ways. But how to identify a good teacher or what are the characteristics of a good teacher? There are undeniably many ways to determine a good teacher, which will also be discussed in this article. The fact that a teacher has decent qualities is different from being competent.
However, competence is also one of the characteristics of a good teacher. A competent teacher provides students with an excellent level of education. But in this article I will not emphasize anything about competence.

If so, let’s quickly discuss the qualities of a good teacher and how those qualities can have a positive impact on students.

Characteristics of a good Teacher

Below are the characteristics of a good teacher and how they can positively influence students in various ways;

Ability to build relationships

A good teacher has the ability to build relationships with his students by enhancing student relationships

Teachers have an important, positive and long-lasting effect on the academic and social development of students. But how can these qualities affect students?

Let’s see how a teacher with these qualities will help students in many ways. If a student is feeling shy in class, the student tends to imitate the behavior of his teacher by interacting, communicating, and associating with his peers as a result of how his teacher usually behaves.

It will also enable students to demonstrate greater involvement in learning, behave better in class, and achieve academic results at a higher level. The most common answer is that good teachers need to build relationships with students.

Commitment to Education

Dedication refers to a love of teaching or passion for work which includes a commitment to student success and achievement. A good teacher is expected to devote himself to teaching students without any hindrance. This quality allows the teacher to understand many things about each student, such as: their weaknesses, background and other relevant information about them. Knowing all this, such a dedicated teacher will do his best to ensure that he is giving students in need of proper advice.

A student can benefit from a teacher with this quality in such a way that such a student will be able to overcome difficulties or challenges in life.

Teachers must be a good communicators

The teacher must be a good communicator, it is not difficult for him to stand in front of the class and teach with confidence. That is, a good teacher shows courage and has the courage to stand in front of students and dramatize for educational purposes. These qualities will allow such a teacher to earn a lot of respect from students and ensure they learn from the best.

As a result, students tend to imitate the teacher’s communication style. Which will have a huge impact on those students.

Formulation of Subject schemes

A good teacher will always formulate a scheme of subjects he wants to teach.

A good teacher will clarify key points and important context to help students integrate all their work on the subject. He selects the most important concepts and shows how they are related. Explain ideas so that students can build on the additional understanding they already have, both from the previous subject and from the current one. A good teacher will have long-term goals, moving in a way that won’t run out of time.

These qualities will have a better impact on students and allow them to better understand and understand each subject.

Ability to present ideas in a simple way

Effective teachers should be able to present complex ideas in a simple way and do a lot of research on the topics they want to teach students. A good teacher makes sure that whatever subject he wants to teach his students doesn’t seem contradictory. Such a good teacher will teach them effectively using various methods of explanation such as: For example, references to specific stories, charts, infographics, and other teaching support techniques.

In addition, by applying this method in teaching students. This method will not only provide understanding, but also the level of exposure for students will gradually increase.

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