June 29, 2022
How to improve the Teaching of Basic Science Subjects in Secondary/Primary Schools in Nigeria

Basic science in secondary/primary schools is very important for students because these subjects cover many subjects that students in country need to know.

It is very important for the students to have solid understanding of basic sciences as it can contribute to the technological growth of a country. But there are so many factors that influence the success of teaching basic sciences in Nigerian schools.

If so, let us see how the factors affecting basic science teaching in Nigeria can be controlled.

Firstly, the owners of public schools/schools must provide modern teaching tools for effective teaching and learning of basic science in secondary schools. Incentives for teachers and students of basic sciences.

In addition, class sizes in secondary schools should be increased, acceptance of candidates for all secondary school programs should be based on merit, and examinations should be conducted to test students’ attitudes toward learning and their intellectual abilities.

The provision of appropriate classrooms and teaching materials for students should also not be neglected. Among them are the impact of material shortages, the number of students in the class and the physical condition of the class, teachers qualifications, teaching experience and teaching style at the level of presentation of students in basic skills for scientific processes.

This study determined the relationship between the level of location assessment, gender and profitability. Improve the understanding and presentation of students who are weak in basic knowledge of the science process. It is recommended that science teachers provide these students with the following additional opportunities:

(a) When these students practice classroom activities, the teacher should help these students use basic skills in the research process and educate them on the use of these skills.

(b) Teachers need to focus on more practical activities, including skills that are more fundamental to the student’s process.

(c) Teachers should give them homework, including practical activities for students, and encourage them to apply basic skills in the scientific process.

Most of the teaching materials for science education are not available in primary schools. Lack of material implies non-use. Primary school administrators should encourage classroom teachers to create and use classroom materials for their classrooms.

Teachers should not wait for the government to do everything, but should make extra efforts to provide educational materials to their students. This allows the smooth teaching of basic sciences in schools.

Finally, the government must appoint teachers based on their quality, there should be no form of nobility, nepotism, and favoritism in the recruitment process. If so, it is possible to hire inexperienced teachers, which will lead to a poor education system in this country. The recommended way to hire a basic science teacher is to do extensive research for the candidate in many aspects of the subject such as practical aspects, theoretical aspects, and computational aspects. These aspects are the main aspects of basic research.

If the candidate successfully meets all these requirements, then there is a high probability that such a teacher will contribute to the development of basic science knowledge for students in the country.

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