June 29, 2022

The rate at which indiscipline in this country is increasing is not encouraging, especially in our schools. This article was written to explain more details about this issue in Nigeria. This is to curb indiscipline action in secondary schools in Nigeria so that indiscipline action is eradicated in our schools. This time, indiscipline is at the root of various problems at school.

Most students are lazy, even extremely lazy. They are so lazy that they cannot study for long, they will be bored within a short time and want to play. Of course, this behavior causes them to lack the facts they need for a test or exam. Because they haven’t prepared for exams, they often resort to examination malpractice.

The problem of being late to the school

when a student is lazy is definitely possible that such a student will not get to school on time because of many activities he indulge himself to such as Playing Games and all kinds of fun activities.

Moreover, school rules forbid being late, so being late is also indiscipline. There are many reasons why a student may late for school, such as:

1. Some students live very far from school.
2. Some students don’t like to stay in the assembly for no reason.
3. Also, some students don’t used to wear socks, knowing that doing so could result in punishment on the assembly ground, so they will prefer to hide somewhere until assembly ends.

Secondary school students in Nigeria usually wear uniforms. and most of the uniforms are provided by the school, but some will not sew their uniforms in school, they will simply take them to their tailor to sew them in various shapes that is not approved by the school. There you will see miniskirts, light shirts, pencil trousers, and other forms of indiscipline displayed by students.

Indiscipline in secondary schools in Nigeria Continues below

In addition, students are no longer wear the usual sandals that students are expected to wear. They have made it a habit to wear designer sandals to school. In this case, they don’t want to be caught, so most of them will not enter the school grounds.

Another prominent problem with indiscipline in school is the students’ eating and dropping habits. It should be noted that most students today are greedy, ie. They eat every second at school and throw their packs of groceries everywhere – on the street, in their classrooms, constantly making the school compound dirty, despite the rules against this bad behavior. Some students even drop out of school to go to a cafeteria shop and hang out there until the end of school activities. This habit is very common in secondary schools in Nigeria, some students lie to their parents to get money from them.

It has also been emphasized that the majority of high school students have a relationship with themselves. Like the boys and girls they meet on the school campus. This act is prohibited in Nigerian schools and is therefore a form of indiscipline when practiced by students. When two classmates are dating in school, how can they focus on studying? And the chances are too great that the act will later lead to the girl’s early pregnancy.

Moreover, it is very common among Nigerian students today to call their teachers by various bad names. Again, this is a form of indiscipline and it is inappropriate for students to make fun of their teachers in any way.

Wrapping up Indiscipline in secondary schools in Nigeria

All of the behaviors listed above determine what is known as indiscipline for violating school rules and regulations. Anything that goes against the rules and regulations of the school is indiscipline action and since this problem is common in today’s schools, any student that is affected is an undisciplined student.

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