June 29, 2022

Lagos State University (LASU) Centre for Bioethics and Research Training Programme admission form 2022 has commenced. Below you will find all the requirements, eligibility, and application procedure.

The University has received a request from the Center for Bioethics and Research at the University of Ibadan to work with Lagos State University to strengthen the university’s research integrity.

In addition, the center asked LASU to nominate a member of the staff to sponsored by the Centre for a MSc. Bioethics program with a focus on research integrity.

The program is administered by the Postgraduate College of the University of Ibadan and is based in the University’s Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanities.

The training mainly consists of hybrid online activities and occasional in person activities and lasts for two (2) academic sessions.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements:

(a) The applicant must be of mid-level academic or non-academic staff, highly motivated and scientific.

b) He or she must apply for the Masters program at the University of Ibadan via the Postgraduate College Portal at the next academic session.

c) Applicants for admission to the MSc. Program (Bioethics) must have a medical degree certificate from the University of Ibadan or another university recognized by the University Senate


d) Graduates in educational disciplines, humanities and related sciences with honors from the University of Ibadan or other universities recognized by the University Senate.

e) All applicants must meet the University of Ibadan’s basic and higher requirements for matriculation.

This requires applications from members of the university’s academic and non-academic staff who meet the above requirements.

Applications must be sent to:

The Director, Directorate of Research Management & Innovation,

3rd Floor, Babatunde Raji Fashola Senate Building, Ojo, Lagos.

Application Deadline: Two (2) weeks from publication date.