June 29, 2022
Identification of problems facing public schools in Nigeria and their solutions

According to wikitionary.org, a school is a place where educational institutions provide primary and secondary education prior to higher education. This usually means that a school is a place where educational activities are taught to students. But what are the problems affecting public schools in Nigeria? The problem is discussed below.


This article is not intended to mock or criticize the government. It is written for educational purposes only. Furthermore, this article is written in good faith and should be categorized with all other actions.

Public schools are popularly referred to as government owned schools in the structure of the school, such as: the large number of students in the school, the unfavorable nature of the whole environment, and the laziness attitude of most students.

Identification of problems facing public schools

Some of the problems faced by these schools are lack of functional libraries, poor laboratory conditions, insufficient number of subject teachers, open classrooms leading to leakage; Dilapidated school fences and gates, playgrounds, poor toilet conditions, lack of tap water for students, inadequate food centers, broken chairs and desks, poor classroom conditions, poorly fenced premises, lack of provision of school buses from government, and so on.

Poor Educational Facilities

First, most schools in some states do not have libraries, making it difficult for students to study. This in itself is a serious mistake that requires immediate action from the government if you are to stick to the adage ‘Young people are the leaders of tomorrow’.

Second, laboratory problems have become a nuisance in most public schools. Even though these labs exist, they are just empty structures with no lab equipment inside. For science students, most of the chemical equipment for experiments was broken while some were worn out.

Even the laboratories do not have sophisticated storage equipment, computers, good fans or air conditioners, spacious environment, first aid kits, and other things that students need for hands-on activities.

Insufficient Teachers in the School

In addition, most public schools do not have sufficient subject teachers to teach them. In addition, a teacher taught about two to three subjects.

Lack of well structured Classroom building

Due to the open-roofed classrooms and bad buildings, it is not easy for students to attend classes in hot, sunny weather or during the rainy season. Students prefer to stay at home even in the rainy season because there is no need to stay in class, which is no better than living outside. As a result of the bad fences and gates in this school, students who are late jump over the fence and walk around the gate to avoid punishment, which for them is not part of the learning process, it causes carelessness on the part of the teacher, Rudeness, stubbornness, persistence, and in this case what’s worse, some of the boys might hit the gatekeeper if he chased them. Now students have the opportunity to show indiscipline at school.

Play and exercise are other ways to involve children in learning, and some public schools do not have this opportunity. Soccer fields and other sporting activities are also not considered when designing the school building.

At the end of the six year, a child who goes through a learning environment like this is considered to have an incomplete learning procedure because school does not have any impact in that child.

One of the most important human needs is water and a proper place to defecate. Without these two facilities, the school remains uninhabitable for anyone.

Even a good canteen/center should be provided by the government in every school construction because students cannot leave their school to go back home and eat during the school time.

Another annoying thing is that the teacher comes to class and finds many students standing or adjusting themselves on broken chairs and desks. Standard classrooms are classes with a good roof, good chairs and tables, electricity with clean water, computers in a cool environment, well-ventilated environment, and a relaxed atmosphere to make the school environment a better place for students.

Lastly, the government should provide school buses, agricultural land for agricultural science, etc to students. Since some schools are far from the homes of these students, which causes them to walk long distances to school, it is recommended that the government ensure student mobility to limit the issue of lateness.

Possible solutions to public school problems

But everything that has a beginning must have an end, and every problem in life has a solution to it.

  • The government should ensure that there is a good and conducive learning environment to make public schools more attractive than private schools.
  • There is also a need for good roads to schools, better structured schools, clean water, food centers/canteens, laboratories, libraries, good roofs, well-equipped classrooms, large playgrounds, and sports centers for students.

If all the above facilities are introduced, schools will become more attractive to visit and this will increase student achievement to make the nation proud.

Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section if you have more ways to solve public schools problem in Nigeria.

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