June 29, 2022
Tips on how score 280+ in JAMB 2022

A score above 280 at Jamb 2022 is great. How to get 280 to 320 in Jamb 2022?

You don’t have to stress yourself by trying to score more than 320 points. A Jamb score between 280 and 320 is more than enough to get into the university or college of your choice. Pass the Jamb and get ready for the Post UTME.

Step up to 280+ with the methods listed below;

1) Start reading now

What you do a few weeks before Jamb 2022 will be the deciding factor in your results. Many students ask me when should I start reading about Jamb? Start reading as soon as you understand that you are writing Jamb. The best time to start preparing is now.

It’s never too early to find out about UTME. Don’t expect to cover it all overnight. The earlier you start studying, the more time you will have to cover a wide range of topics and the better your chances of getting between 280 and 320 points in Jamb.

2) Fix your weakness by working more on it

Everyone has weaknesses. Fear of your weakness is not the best; face it. Students tend not to study subjects or subjects they do not like. The less you learn it, the harder it seems.

If you don’t face your weaknesses, they will haunt you and greatly affect your score in Jamb 2022. Don’t be afraid of math, physics, literature in English, accounting, economics, chemistry or biology. Take a book and study. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask those in the know. Your best chance of passing any exam is constant practice.

3) Use the Jamb curriculum

Never ignore the Jamb syllabus for all subjects. All the recommended questions and textbooks can be found in your curriculum.

The Jamb syllabus ensures you don’t read over the line.

4) Study past Questions

The only Jamb exhibit that is easy to find is Questions from Jamb’s Past. The previous question gives you some insight into what your question will look like.

Jamb’s questions are done, so they come back to rephrase questions or replace ones that have already been asked. I would advise you to study the previous question. Follow up on as many questions as possible.

Jamb usually lists some recommended textbooks at the end of the syllabus. However, you don’t have to pick up the books recommended by Jamb.

There are plenty of good textbooks you can skip. You are allowed to take as many books as you want to learn Jamb.

5) Have a mentor

As you prepare for Jamb 2022, you need someone you can trust. Motivation is a very important factor in any research.

Your mentors should be those who wrote Jamb and were successful in their day. Meet from time to time for help and advice. They have a way of helping you get better.

6) Start studying for a long time

Gone are the days of studying for an hour and feeling like you’ve accomplished something. Jamb’s high scores don’t just come from research and meditation.

It’s time you discipline yourself in the place of study. The minimum you have to study per day for your exam is three hours. Anything below that should not be pushed.

7) Take tests regularly

Not enough study hours. No one cares how long you study. People only seek what they know. You can study for hours without gaining much. It’s best to test yourself after you learn.

Tests can take different forms. After reading a topic, you can close the book and try to see how much you can remember.

You can ask yourself a question and try it without looking at your book. Put yourself in test conditions and so on.

Thanks for the reading, if you have more tips on how to pass JAMB with higher score don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section.

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