June 29, 2022
Ultimate Guides on how to excell in WAEC examination

Are you going to register for West African Examination Council (WAEC) next year or you have already done so for this year? There is a way to pass WAEC once and for all.

In this article…

You’ll see how to pass WAEC excellently with the great tips for achieving a high score in your WAEC goals, theory and practice this year.

Obtaining acceptable grades is a success for WAEC in all the required subjects at once means passing WAEC in one session.

Pass mark for WAEC

75–100A1Most acceptable
70–74B2More acceptable
65–69B3More acceptable
60–64C4Still acceptable
55–59C5Still acceptable
50–54C6Still acceptable
45–49D7Rarely acceptable
40–44E8Rarely acceptable
0–43F9NOT acceptable

Start reading now

No matter this class you are be it SS1, 2 or 3, if you haven’t started preparing for your WAEC start now.

The reason for this;

WAEC covers so many subjects for each subject and the fact that you will be taking (9) WAEC subjects is a good reason to start reading about the exam as early as possible.

The earlier you start reading, the more topics you will cover.

And the more topics you cover in each subject, the higher your score in that subject.

Read what is in the syllabus accordingly

Covering more topics in each subject is a good idea, but it’s even better if you’ve covered more of the topics the WAEC recommends for your exam.

This is because the WAEC questions for each of your subjects come from topics in the syllabus for that subject.

So you don’t have to read all the topics in your SS1-3.

Instead of this.

Read only these recommended WAEC syllabus topics for your subject.
Other topics are just a waste of time – they will not come out.

Read the recommended textbook

In addition to the recommended topics, WAEC also offers textbooks with good explanations on these topics.


This textbook is optional but recommended.
And you only need to have one (or two) WAEC-recommended textbooks for your subject, not all of them.

Study the previous questions

For an examination board that has been setting questions about the same subject from 1952 to the present.

Do I need to you that they must’ve ran out of questions?

That’s the truth.

More than 70 percent of subsequent WAEC questions were asked at the previous WAEC.

This means that for 50 objective questions, 35 have been asked before and for 10 theoretical or practical questions, 7 times have been repeated.

But how can you predict previous questions that will repeat themselves at WAEC this year?

We have found that the most recurring problems in WAEC occur frequently in 10 years.

So here’s what you do…

Solve WAEC questions.
Choose five random years from 1988-1998
Five more from 1998-2008
Last five from 2008-2018
Study 15 different years from previous WAEC questions and you’ll even start to see repeated questions for yourself and understand the patterns too.

The more previous WAEC questions you study, the more likely you are to see repeated questions in your WAEC.

And the more repeated questions you see in your WAEC, the higher score you will get, because these are questions you have practiced before.

Prioritize majors Subjects or Core Subjects

“Core subjects” are the compulsory subjects for your class or course.

And “prioritizing” means doing something that is more important than anything else.

So prioritizing core subjects means spending more time reading the subjects you need.


English and mathematics are the most important prerequisites for all WAEC candidates.

This means you should prioritize your reading in English and Maths, because if you fail in either one, your WAEC score is useless – no matter what you’ve accomplished in other subjects.

Don’t rely on Expo

You may receive a WAEC expo from your school or teacher, but relying solely on it is not recommended.

This is the reason.

What would you do if an integrity supervisor came to your examination hall and refused to take a bribe?

To be safe, expect exhibits, but be prepared as if they don’t exist.

Read enough to do AT LEAST 60 percent of these WAEC topics – giving you a B (or at least a C) that you can be proud of.

Start with questions you know

Limited time is always allocated for each of your theory WAEC question.

So you need to answer all the necessary questions quickly, and the best way to do that is to start with questions you know.

You’re bound to be faced with some tough questions, but what’s the point of wasting time on questions you don’t know when there are tons of other questions you know but still don’t have the answers to?

If you’re just starting the article (which means there’s still time), skip this tricky question and come back after answering all the questions you know.

But don’t forget to come back to this tough question once you’re done with the other person.

Answer all questions

The instructions in all WAEC questions are objective “answer all questions” and make sure you do.

DO NOT leave 50 objective questions unanswered.

Even if you don’t know the answer, just choose one of the options at random because it’s better to guess the answer than to leave it blank.

The assumption of answer may be true, but answering nothing can never be true.

Shade your answers clearly

You will be given an OBJ sheet to shade the appropriate box to show the answers of your WAEC exam and your answers to the objective questions.

Make sure all your colors are dark enough to see without stress.

How will this help you pass WAEC in one sitting?


What could be worse than choosing the right answer only for the computer to think you didn’t choose any answer?

OBJ sheets are often marked by a computer programmed to only recognize dark colors.

So, if you shade badly, the computer assumes you didn’t answer the question.

If this error occurs in the exam details field, results for that subject may be delayed.

And if this happens in the answer box, no rating will be given to the question.
So to prevent such computer errors from holding your score or reducing your overall target score for that WAEC examination.

Use a pen that gives the paper a darker color. HB recommended.

With all these points, I’m sure you will excell in your waec examination if you follow it. Best of Luck! Don’t forget to share this article if you find it helpful.

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